The Collaborative Journey of FBIS Technologies and Shuttlers' Employee Transport Solution

Learn how Shuttlers' employee transport solution revolutionised commuting for FBIS Technologies. With enhanced punctuality and increased productivity, their decision to choose Shuttlers has yielded significant benefits for their workforce.

The Collaborative Journey of FBIS Technologies and Shuttlers' Employee Transport Solution

Meet Olayinka Onibokun, the HR Admin Executive for FBIS Technologies, a software development company based in Lagos. Almost a year ago, she made a decision that would significantly change her employees' commuting experience, improving punctuality and productivity, while ensuring their safety.

How did she achieve this? The answer is simple - through Shuttlers' employee transport solution.

The Challenge: A Safe and Punctual Commute

Before onboarding Shuttlers, FBIS Technologies faced a familiar challenge for many businesses in Lagos - ensuring the safety and punctuality of their employees during their daily commute. Lagos' bustling streets and unpredictable traffic made public transportation unreliable and posed safety risks, especially for those carrying gadgets.

The Solution: Shuttlers' Employee Transport Solution

Olayinka was already familiar with Shuttlers, having seen their buses around the city. She appreciated their extensive coverage and decided to reach out. After a seamless onboarding process, facilitated by Kenneth from Shuttlers, FBIS Technologies embarked on their journey with Shuttlers' employee transport solution.

The Impact: From Chaos to Calm

Since then, the daily commute for employees at FBIS Technologies has transformed. Olayinka says there's been a 70% improvement in punctuality, and employees are more relaxed and productive as a result. The commute is no longer a mad dash for a bus seat; instead, it's an opportunity to work or catch a few extra minutes of sleep. Importantly, the fear of gadgets being stolen during the journey is no longer a concern.

The Ripple Effect: Increased Productivity

But the benefits don't stop at the commute. The impact of Shuttlers' employee transport solution extends to the workplace, too. The early arrivals and decreased stress levels mean employees can hit the ground running each morning. Olayinka reports a noticeable increase in productivity levels, attributing it to the reduced commuting stress.

The Recommendation: An Endorsement for Shuttlers

Olayinka's endorsement of Shuttlers is emphatic, saying she would recommend their employee transport solution 'anytime, any day.' She praises their seamless and comfortable service, adding that she would introduce Shuttlers to any new company she moves to in the future.

FBIS Technologies' experience with Shuttlers serves as an inspiration for companies looking to transform their employees' commuting experiences. It's a testament to the fact that a reliable, safe, and efficient employee transport solution can greatly contribute to enhancing productivity levels and ensuring a happier and more focused workforce.

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