Staff Transportation Should Exceed Just Driving Staff Around

Staff Transportation Should Exceed Just Driving Staff Around

In Lagos today, there is an acute need for a reduction in the number of vehicles on the road, as this would lead to improved road safety and better durability. By putting in place a staff mobility solution, employers can help cut down on the amount of daily traffic on certain roads.

A study revealed that Lagos roads carry over 5.2 million vehicles, and the national average is about 11 vehicles per kilometre. In 2017, Lagos State recorded an average of 227 vehicles per kilometre daily. Undoubtedly, this explains the traffic congestion at peak commute times.

Employers who choose to implement a staff transportation service offer a variety of advantages to both the company and their employees. 

On the other hand, choosing the best service for transporting employees would have a tremendous effect on road safety as a whole.

With More Focused Staff On The Road, Commuting Situations May Be Safer

Let’s paint a picture. Staff A is running late to work, Staff B is exhausted from a long shift, and Staff C is nervous about driving. Consider these types of drivers on the road and the potential hazards they could cause on their commute.

According to a recent blog post, road accidents occurring in Nigeria have often involved cars. These vehicles accounted for 1,494 road traffic crashes. According to studies, the causes ranged from driver distractions to over-speeding and abrupt lane changes. 

While public transportation could also lead to hazardous, unsteady road conditions for multiple reasons—for instance, a public bus designed to carry ten people could end up with more than fourteen people at once. Concurrently, employers do not know where these buses are coming from, where they go, or the time of day, so it logistically turns into rough calculations.

With many fleet options to choose from, a technology-enabled staff transportation fix can provide improved commute conditions. Because of this, fewer people take dangerous or unreliable public transportation or risky daily commutes to and from work.

Providing Alternatives for Staff Transport May Successively Make Roads Safer

Deliberating on an alternative to public transport for the good of your staff could mean hiring your fleet. So, examining what is catered for beyond the staff transport itself is crucial when contemplating a fix.  

By utilizing technology, a streamlined staff fleet can ensure that your staff gets to work on time and that your business does not suffer unforeseeable losses, especially since employers are notified of transportation positions using GPS algorithms that can be tracked instantly. 

 When a staff fleet is combined with a robust evaluation system, it is able to alert the management to shoddy or unsafe behaviour in a timely manner. Therefore, you can rest assured that you know who drives your vehicle and even what kind of vehicle you will commute in. For your benefit, every step of the process is monitored by an expert. 

Staff can punch the clock punctually with reliable, clear transfers that provide updates on the routes. Additionally, these fleets offer multiple guarantees that also play a role in safer roads.

With Fewer People On The Road, Road Accidents are Reduced

For some time now, having too many private drivers on the road has made traffic unbearable. There is also very little room left on the roads in front of or behind the influx of vehicles. This leads to an increasing number of deaths from road accidents.

But if you use a tech-enabled fix for staff transportation, you are definitely making the roads safer because the quality of the vehicles is very different when you choose your fleet over public transportation. Moreover, moving several people at a time removes quite a number of those vehicles from the roads, leading to fewer accidents.

Keeping all of this in mind, the final parts of a good system for getting staff around are the fleets and their drivers. Professional drivers ensure that the staff and other road users are safe. Efficient transportation can also boost your organization’s productivity and competence, cut costs, and make the most of its resources.


An everyday commute can be unsafe and problematic, but it doesn’t have to be. Putting aside those challenges can impact your business operations, staff safety, and earnings. But if your staff works with a tech-enabled mobility company, the risks can be reduced in a structured and efficient way.

Taking note of this solution will help employers make a huge difference by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Providing staff transportation is becoming an increasingly essential operation today.

As always, we would be happy to cater to the transportation needs of your company.

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