Shuttlers - The Ultimate Solution to Lagos' Commuting Woes: Nanyamka's Take.

Meet Nanyamka, a financial analyst who discovered Shuttlers as the ultimate solution to her Lagos commuting woes. With reliable, convenient, and affordable rides, Shuttlers has revolutionised her daily commute, transforming it into a stress-free, productive experience.

Shuttlers - The Ultimate Solution to Lagos' Commuting Woes: Nanyamka's Take.

In a bustling city like Lagos, the daily commute can be a source of stress and anxiety for many working professionals. With the heavy traffic, unpredictable delays, and safety concerns, it can be a real challenge to get to work refreshed and in a good mood. However, for some savvy individuals, the solution to their commuting woes lies in the form of Shuttlers—a reliable and convenient transportation provider. In this piece, we talk to Nanyamka, a financial analyst who recently moved to Lagos from Ghana, and she shares her incredible experience with Shuttlers.

Hi Nanyamka. First off, I love your name and thank you for sitting with us. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Nanyamka: Thank you. My name is Nanyamka, which means God’s gift, and I moved to Lagos from Ghana in January. I'm a financial analyst at an insurance company, where I guide the business and other individuals in making decisions about expending money to get profit.

How did you first hear about Shuttlers?

Nanyamka: Well, I’d just moved to the city and was in need of a comfortable yet affordable transportation service. Because in my first couple of weeks of arriving in town, I’d blown through my money on cab fares, I knew it wasn’t sustainable, as I was to resume work the following week. So I quickly searched on Google, and Shuttlers caught my attention. The scheduled ride-sharing system was exactly what I was looking for, and the fact that it was both convenient and affordable sealed the deal for me. I appreciated being able to book rides in advance, knowing that I could count on Shuttlers to get me where I needed to be. It's been a great commute experience so far, and I'm glad I found Shuttlers.

Really glad you found Shuttlers! Apart from the affordable and convenient service, what other factor prompted you to become a shuttler?

Nanyamka: While in Ghana, I lived in Accra, and the cheapest means of transport is a bus called Trotro. They aren’t the safest, and they certainly aren't the most comfortable, but they are affordable. Coming into Lagos, I knew that I couldn’t do that anymore. I am fully in my baby-girl-soft-girl era, and I am prioritising the type of ease, comfort, and convenience that my pocket can afford. Shuttlers offered a reliable and convenient commute solution that eliminated those worries. The buses are clean and have air conditioners. That was it for me.

A Typical Trotro in Ghana.

Do you have a favourite Shuttlers pilot?

Nanyamka: Absolutely. SP Sunday is my guy! So efficient and courteous.

Do you have any suggestions for how Shuttlers can improve their service?

Nanyamka: I would love to see free Wi-Fi on my bus, though. That’ll be really sweet.

Lastly, can you describe your experience with Shuttlers in one word?

Nanyamka: Let me use a phrase, life-saving! I’ve told everybody who cares to listen about Shuttlers.

Nanyamka’s story is just one of many examples of how Shuttlers is changing the game in Africa. By providing safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation options for working professionals, Shuttlers has become the go-to service for many. Whether it's the ease of booking, the affordable prices, or the friendly pilots, Shuttlers has proven to be a game-changer for commuters across the city. It's no wonder that people like Nanyamka are spreading the word and recommending Shuttlers to their friends and colleagues. So if you're tired of the stress and hassle of commuting in Lagos, why not give Shuttlers a try and experience the difference for yourself?

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