Navigating Life in Lagos: Teniola Chats With Ire On Teleportation, Suya and Other Important Stuff!

Discover the skills needed to survive in Lagos and how Shuttlers can help make navigating the city easier. Leave your transportation worries to us and focus on making the most of life in Lagos, even during challenging times. Try Shuttlers today and watch the Soft boy/girl in you materialise!

Navigating Life in Lagos: Teniola Chats With Ire On Teleportation, Suya and Other Important Stuff!
Humans of Shuttlers

Life in a bustling city like Lagos can be challenging at times. You have to be of some sort of special breed to survive in this city. With numerous daily demands and responsibilities, it’s essential to have resources and support to help navigate the ups and downs of city life.

Ire from Shuttlers linked up with Teniola to find out how this period has been for her.

POV - Facing cash scarcity issues, fuel queues, etcetera etcetera.

Lagos, Nigeria.

Continue reading to see how their conversation went!

Ire: Hi Teniola, do you want to tell us a little bit about yourself

Teni: My name is Teni. I am a customer success associate at Haze Group. I am a fun, spontaneous, resilient, and adaptable person. I enjoy long walks and sweating it out at the gym

Ire: Ouuu, fellow gym rat! Happy to see that you’re resilient and adaptable. It means that the current happenings have nothing on you, yes?

Teni: hahaha, well, I have found a way to make things work for me as usual. With transportation to work though, I didn’t have to do much, as I have never bothered paying with cash for my rides. You already know Shuttlers supports those that are cashless with other payment methods. But, I do miss being able to buy suya down my street during my walks whenever I want. Now, I have to be extra calculative.


Ire: I can surely relate to the suya bit. But this too shall pass. How’s the fuel thing affecting you too?

Teni: Luckily for me, my estate doesn’t allow for individual generators, so all we have to do is send money to the estate managers and they sort it out. Then with transport, since I found Shuttlers, I haven’t had to think about fuel. My baby brother has even taken my car hostage. So he’s the one dealing with fuel, not me.

Ire: How perfect! You should truly receive the Soft Queen crown because I’m not seeing stress in your path. What skills do you think are important to surviving in Lagos?

Teni: Money management first, becauseeeeee, in this Lagos, every 5 minutes you hear, “savings or current”. Also, street-smartness has to be a skill, if not, they will “lost” you in this Lagos.

Ire: You had me at “they will lost you”. Thank God I am your favourite transport buddy. I cannot be lost! What tool/company/solution/application/software/ is helping you this period?

Teni: It has to be Chat GPT, ProofHub, and Shuttlers. They help me stay as productive as possible. You guys, take your flowers!

Ire: Flowers duly received! If you had a superpower, what will it be?

Teni: Has to be teleportation.

Ire: Wow Teni! You don’t want to be using Shuttlers again

Teni: Will you people carry me to Greece and back in time for my 3. p.m meeting

Ire: You’re oddly specific with the time, haha. Don’t worry, it’s in the works. How are you saving the world with your role?

Teni: As a customer support associate, my goal is to leave each customer happier than when I met them. With every happy customer, the world is a better place.

Ire: No truer words have ever been spoken. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with you today, Teni. I look forward to chatting with you again. Let’s make it happen.

Teni: We definitely should! Thank you so much for having me. You guys keep up the good work and those in-app notifications you send. I love getting them.

Ire: Sure! Cheers!

Lagos can be a challenging city to live in, but with the right resources and support, it's possible to thrive. From money management to street smartness, there are certain skills that are essential for survival in Lagos. As you well know, Shuttlers provides a reliable and convenient transportation solution to help make navigating the city easier.

Thanks to our conversation with Teniola, we've learned that it's possible to make the most of life in Lagos, even during challenging times. By leaving your transportation worries to Shuttlers, you can focus on other important aspects of your life and watch the Soft boy/girl in you materialise. So, why not give Shuttlers a try and see how we can make your daily experiences easier?

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