Humans of Shuttlers: My Transport Experience in Lagos - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Benita Umenzeh

Humans of Shuttlers: My Transport Experience in Lagos - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Benita Umenzeh

Transportation in Lagos is the real deal. The experience for many is ‘gangstar’. The hustle is real and there’s no room for sluggishness. To survive in Lagos, you must always ‘shine your eyes’. You may be thinking that the hustle is only particular to those who use public transportation, but unfortunately, there are no exceptions in Lagos. 

As a car owner, the battle is between you, lawless, untrained, and impatient motorists, and as a commuter, you are left to deal with the horrors of yellow buses, popularly called ‘danfo’, as well as the exorbitant fares of ride-hailing services. 

We spoke to several young professionals living in Lagos about their transport experiences using public transportation and today we’re sharing Benita’s responses. Here are her answers to certain questions we asked.

Benita Umenzeh, Human Resource Professional

Take us through your daily activities 

On a typical day, I get up as early as 5 am to prepare for work. I ensure I am out of the house before 6 am to catch up with my shuttle to beat the Lagos traffic. I get to work between 7:30 am and 8 am, after which I settle into the day’s job. All activities at the office end before 6 pm. I then take a walk to my bus stop to catch up with my shuttle that leaves by 6 pm. If you know Lagos traffic, you’ll know that the time I eventually get home lies solely in the hands of Baba God.

How do you plan your week, especially with transportation?

I like to plan for the week on Sunday, everything ranging from food to clothing to transportation. Actually, for transportation, I plan for the new month a few days before the current month ends. I fund my Shuttlers wallet and subscribe for the whole month. That way, I have my transportation for the month on lock. 

What was your transport struggle like before Shuttlers?

Oh dear!, where do I even start from? The struggle was horrific. I can list them–the fear of kidnappers and robbers, dealing with uncouth conductors and drivers, risking staining my white, literally, ripping my outfit, struggling to get on a bus, forgetting my money with conductors, the constant and outrageous hike in transportation fare for the smallest of reasons, having some random man touch me inappropriately, the hot weather and offensive odor! Trust me the list is endless. It was indeed a survival of the fittest.

What advice would you give to people not using Shuttlers?

If you are not already using shuttlers then you are very wrong. Shuttlers ensure that going to and fro work is seamless and entirely safe.  These all rank high on my must-haves when it comes to transportation. It has also given my family members some form of assurance with regard to my safety, and as it is, my mum preaches Shuttlers because I have people calling me to say my mum told them about a bus service that I use and would like to know the name. For your best interest please make the switch today!