Humans of Shuttlers: I'm Choosing The Soft Life Over Lagos Stress - Elizabeth, HR Manager.

Humans of Shuttlers: I'm Choosing The Soft Life Over Lagos Stress - Elizabeth, HR Manager.

Humans of Shuttlers: How Elizabeth An HR Manager Chooses The Soft Life Over Stress in Lagos.  

A life where one can relax, be pampered, properly taken “kiarof” and without the pressures of adulthood – who doesn’t want that? But in a buzzing and crowded city like Lagos where everyone is always in haste, rushing towards the money, is the soft life even achievable?

Hustling for buses at bus stops and spending long hours in traffic isn’t anyone’s idea of the soft life. In fact, it is unhealthy and unproductive. For this reason, we engaged Elizabeth Chile-Adenekan, an HR Manager and loyal member of the Shuttlers community in a chat about how she manages the pressure of working in Lagos and the responsibilities of adulthood whilst maintaining the soft life.

Elizabeth Chile-Adenekan
Elizabeth Chile-Adenekan, HR Manager.

“I Needed A Reliable Option For Commuting From The Mainland To The Island After Changing Jobs.”

Commuting from The Mainland to the Island for Elizabeth after she changed jobs was a threat to her soft life and baby girl status until she discovered Shuttlers. “I was spending unproductive hours in traffic, paying exorbitant fares, and dealing with the troubles of unruly behaviours by bus conductors.” Shuttlers was all she needed to seamlessly transition to her new workplace and ensure she arrived looking fresh and smelling good every day. What is the soft life without Shuttlers’ fully AC-fitted buses?

“My Social Life Is Popping As I’ve Made New Friends On My Surulere-Lekki Shuttle.”

One of the exciting parts of riding with Shuttlers for Elizabeth is the significant impact it has had on her social life. She explains how her Surulere to Lekki route has become more than just a ride but a community where bright minds interact, share experiences and build connections. The trips to work in the mornings are quiet and relaxing, while the trips back home in the evenings are always an opportunity to make new friends and cool off from the day’s stress.

If You Were To Recommend Shuttlers To Your Friends, What Would You Tell Them?

“Why stress yourself jumping yellow buses when you can enjoy the comfort of Shuttlers? It’s affordable, comfortable and stress-free. Without even asking, I recommend Shuttlers easily to friends, strangers or neighbours. Why not? Shuttlers has enabled me to live the “soft” life. Customer service is top-notch as well. Shout out to Sola and Gbenga!”

Be like Elizabeth, live the soft life. Enjoy stress-free rides at affordable rates with Shuttlers. 

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