How To Get The Best Out Of Your Daily Commuting Time

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Daily Commuting Time

If you’re a professional or a busy person who lives in Lagos and is always on the go, to and from work or meetings, you are no stranger to back-breaking traffic. If the places you do business and where you live are on the two opposite ends of town, you will spend about 3 hours in traffic every day.

Whether you’re in the comfort of a plush car, onboard a great bus shuttle service like Shuttlers, or squeezed up on a Danfo, three hours every day or every other day is a lot of time to spend in traffic. You can achieve more with those precious hours instead of spending them staring into space and watching people go about their business on the highways.

Here are some surefire tips that will help you optimize your daily commuting time for good:

1. It All Begins With Selecting A Great Bus Shuttle Service

The starting point to getting value from your commuting time is to select a great bus shuttle service. So what makes up the perfect bus shuttle service? A combination of comfort, safety, and affordability, just like the bus shuttle service we offer at Shuttlers. This point is crucial because it sets the tone for all the other tips on the list – you can only think straight when you are comfortable. So yes, booking your next ride on the Shutters app is the first step to enjoying valuable commuting time.

2. Prepare Your Mind For Traffic

Traffic in Lagos - great bus shuttle service

Traffic has a way of ruining your mood if you do not prepare mentally for it. You cannot afford to let traffic ruin your mood. Accept it and plan for it. Leave for your destination a couple of hours before your appointment to make room for possible traffic. This way, you don’t get to panic and miss crucial appointments or run late. Once you’ve prepared your mind for traffic, you’ll be able to relax and make the most of your time.

3. Prepare Your To-do List

You can spend your commuting time creating a to-do list for the day or the next day. Having an outline that shows all your tasks goes a long way in helping you be more productive at work. Open your notes app on your phone or whip out your pen and jotter and make that to-do list while in transit so that you can hit the ground running every day at work. A great bus shuttle service allows your time to plan.

4. Put Together A Traffic Playlist

Playlist image - great bus shuttle service

If you don’t have a traffic playlist, you are missing! Music helps your body release oxytocin which boosts your mood and sets you up for a good day or night, depending on the time of day. Put on your earphones, block out the noise and escape into your own world, jamming to the latest songs. Before you know it, you’ll be at your destination, ready to take charge of the day.

5. Binge-Watch Your Favourite Show – Traffic, Netflix & Chill!

Netflix - great bus shuttle service

Your commuting time is the best time to catch up on your favourite shows. You’ll forget about traffic, and before you know it, you’d have arrived at your destination. Pro-tip to having a heightened cinematic experience – buy some popcorn, a soft drink and plug in your headphone. Another pro-tip to save data is to download episodes of your favourite show in the office so you can watch them in traffic later. If HR catches you, we are not there oh!!!

6. Work On Those Ideas You’ve Been Putting Aside

Great idea - great bus shuttle service

You probably have some nice business ideas that you’ve been putting aside for some time now. You can spend your commuting time developing them, and before you know it, they will come to life. So no more excuses that you do not have time to pursue a side hustle or hobby, use your commuting time to crystalise your ideas, and who knows, you could be the next Elon Musk.

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