Folake's Transport Experience

From leaping into the unknown to gliding in comfort – Folake's journey has been a joyful ride of growth, transformation, and finding the fun in every commute.

Folake's Transport Experience

We got a whiff of Folake’s transport transformation during one of our scheduled check-ins with our faves and after she gave a snippet of how Shuttlers completely elevated how she moves around in the city of Lagos, we knew we had to sit with her to get the full scoop! Enjoy!

What inspired your daily Danfo jumping routine?

Well, you know how Lagos traffic can be – unpredictable and exciting! Jumping onto a moving Danfo on some days became like a morning adventure. It was my way of embracing the chaos.

Impressive! Now, let's fast forward. How did you come across Shuttlers?

One day, while sitting in my former ride, I spotted this cute girl wearing a Shuttlers shirt. It looked like she was evangelising about Shuttlers to this guy. While I couldn’t hear everything they said, I heard her say Egbeda to Lekki 1. That immediately caught my attention and I took to Google to look it up. It was like fate – the words "Transform your daily commute with Shuttlers"caught my eye. I was curious because I was in dire need of a transformation and decided to give it a shot.

And your first Shuttlers ride?

Oh, it was a game-changer! No more ninja jumps. I stepped into a clean, air-conditioned shuttle with comfy seats. Parked and waiting for me to get in. I felt like royalty.

What were the most significant differences you noticed between Danfo life and Shuttlers?

Well, with Shuttlers, I didn't have to “dance” in rain showers, wrestle for space, or forget my money with conductors. It was a calm and peaceful ride. Plus, I could catch up on work and enjoy the view without being a contortionist.

Did your friends notice the change?

Oh, absolutely! They couldn't believe I had traded my Danfo jumps for Shuttlers hops 🙊. They'd tease me about it all the time.

How did your experience with Shuttlers impact your daily life?

It made everything smoother. No more stress or unpredictable bus rides. I felt more put together and had hilarious stories to share with friends.

What message would you give to others who might still be dancing with Danfos?

I'd say, give Shuttlers a try. It's not just a ride; it's a lifestyle upgrade. Convenience, comfort, and savings – all in one ride.

Fantastic advice! And finally, could you sum up your journey from Danfo jumper to Shuttlers star in a few words?

From leaping into the unknown to gliding in comfort – my journey has been a joyful ride of growth, transformation, and finding the fun in every commute.

Thank you for sharing your incredible journey with us.

There you have it folks, Folake's journey from Danfo jumper to Shuttlers superstar. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the Shuttlers community! You already know Shuttlers is your ticket to a stylish and stress-free ride.

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