Embracing The Soft-girl Era: Wande’s Take

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Embracing The Soft-girl Era: Wande’s Take
Embracing The Soft-girl Era with Shuttlers

In a soft-life era, you want comfort, peace, ease, and convenience. Nobody ever wilfully chooses whatever the opposite of the soft-life is. I mean, why would you? And you know who’s committed to ensuring you fully take part in this era, it’s all of us at Shuttlers. We linked up with Wande, the soft-life queen, and caught up with her on her experiences with Shuttlers.

Ire: Hi Wande, how are you today? Could you please do a quick intro for us

Wande: Hi Ire, I’m well, thank you. My name is Olawande Adetula, I work as a Product Analyst in an Investment company. Every time I tell people I’m one half of a twin it’s always a shock for them. For fun I like to see movies, I can do that every day!

Ire: I feel like I know you so much better already. Thank you! How did you find out about Shuttlers?

Wande: So I currently live on the mainland, and when I mentioned to a church member that I'd gotten a job on the Island, she immediately told me I had nothing to worry about since Shuttlers exists. I did my own research, was pleased with what I found out, downloaded the app, and have since then been a frequent user.

Ire: Your church member deserves some flowers, she should see me for a discount 😉. In relation to your commute and transportation generally, what does “living the soft life” mean to you?

Wande: For me, soft-life relating to my commute is definitely a life of comfort, getting to the office still spick and span, without an iota of stress. Soft-life is not standing at the bus stop for hours, struggling to get a bus, or dragging N50 with a conductor at Palmgrove bus stop.

Ire: 😂, this is oddly specific. Sounds like there's a back story to this. How does Shuttlers help you maintain this soft girl era you’re currently in?

Wande: One significant way Shuttlers works for me in this era is having the pick up bus stop really close to me, just a quick walk and I'm there. Other factors have to be getting to work with my drip intact, being able to nap on the ride to work and back, having meaningful conversations with fellow professionals. The list honestly is endless.

Ire: Almost nothing beats comfortably napping on an early morning bus ride or an evening trip home laced with so much traffic. How has Shuttlers’ transformative approach impacted your overall perception of transportation?

Wande: Moving from the chaotic experiences of jumping buses, haggling prices with conductors, to experiencing the seamless and comfortable ride-sharing that Shuttlers offers has truly shifted my perception of what transportation can look like.

Ire: Shuttlers is truly transforming the stressful and inefficient transportation narrative that we've always known into a stress-free and productive experience for everybody.  Can you share some tips or advice for others who may be interested in exploring the soft-girl aesthetic?

Wande: Top 5 tips from me would be; get enough sleep, your body will thank you for it, practise self-care, eat healthy, exercise is truly important for you, and finally, you already know you have to start using Shuttlers, duhh!

Ire: With these tips I'm definitely on my way into my soft-girl era! Thank you, Wande. Finally, on a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend Shuttlers?

Wande: Honestly, a solid 9.5! This is because my experience has been great, up until now, I haven't had a negative experience with Shuttlers. It's not a 10 because the air conditioning on my bus can be a lot, and because we have to be considerate of other people, I just have to kit up with my jacket and enjoy the ride. Y'all are doing a good job, well done!

Ire: Wande, you're such a delight! Thank you so much for your time, and we want to let you know we value you as a customer.

The soft-life era operates on a spectrum, but we're dwelling on helping you embrace the part that guarantees ease and convenience during your commute. If you're ready to step right into this era, download the Shuttlers app today and experience it for yourself. It's available on both the App store and Play store.

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