Discover How Bola Spends Less Than ₦10,000 Weekly on her Commute with Shuttlers

Tired of the Lagos commuting grind? Learn from Bola, an HR manager who found the perfect balance of convenience, affordability, and sustainability in her daily commute with Shuttlers, spending less than NGN 10,000 weekly. Discover how you too can make your travel time more productive and enjoyable.

Discover How Bola Spends Less Than ₦10,000 Weekly on her Commute with Shuttlers
Save money with Shuttlers

Are you tired of the daily grind of commuting in Lagos? Struggling to find a balance between convenience, affordability, and sustainability in your transportation options? Meet Bola, an HR manager who has cracked the code on navigating the bustling city of Lagos while spending less than NGN 10,000 weekly using Shuttlers. Read on to learn how Bola has transformed her travel time into a productive, enjoyable, and cost-effective experience and why she believes Shuttlers is the way to go for every urban commuter.

Save money with Shuttlers

Please tell us a little bit about you

My name is Bola, I'm the HR Manager of a real estate company in Victoria Island, Lagos. I live in Omole Phase 2.

How long have you used Shuttlers?

I've been using Shuttlers for the last 6 months.

What was your transport experience like before Shuttlers?

Before Shuttlers, my office was a 15 minute drive from home and it was very convenient. But when I changed jobs, driving to the island wasn't something I enjoyed. In my first week of resuming I used one of the ride-hailing apps and it was EXPENSIVE! I stopped that and started using BRT. It was affordable, but not convenient. I typically use the time to catch up on work on my laptop, but I couldn't do it. So I end up taking work home with me, reducing the quality of time spent with family.

What kind of things are you able to do during your commute time?

I can comfortably do some work on my way to do office or to the house, catch up with friends, and relax.

What are your favourite things about using Shuttlers?

It's safe, convenient, and affordable. I can't possibly imagine driving to and from work daily; I'd be so unproductive. So that would have meant hiring a driver, which is an extra expense that could be avoided. Don’t get me started on fuel costs. The sustainability aspect is also a big plus for me. If we were all driving in Lagos as it currently is, the roads would be completely unrecognisable. Now imagine what that does to the air. I also remember the cash problems we had recently, Shuttlers was such a life-saver. So the user-friendly app that supports other payment methods is definitely one of my favourites.

Does Shuttlers help your finances?

Oh yes! It does! I spend less than NGN10,000 a week on my transport fare to and from work. If I were driving, I'd be spending way more on fuel, maintenance, and paying a driver.

Save money with Shuttlers

What's your advice to those who haven't started using Shuttlers yet?

Come onboard ASAP! It's comfortable, safe (no case of one-chance), you'd arrive to work still smelling fresh, you can use your commute time conveniently, and you get dropped off at your nearest bus stop. If you haven't joined Shuttlers, you should!

Bola's journey with Shuttlers has undoubtedly transformed her daily commute in Lagos. She has managed to find an ideal balance between comfort, affordability, and sustainability, all while maintaining productivity during her travel time. Her story serves as an inspiring example for those who are yet to discover the numerous benefits of Shuttlers. If you're seeking a stress-free, budget-friendly, and eco-conscious solution for your daily commute, it's time to follow Bola's advice and come onboard with Shuttlers!

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