5 Things to Do On Your Commute

5 Things to Do On Your Commute

When you have to sit for hours on end throughout your commute to work and back, it can be an idling ordeal. During the trip, you surely want to make the most of it. There are numerous ways to make your trip enjoyable and lit. Here are five of our favourite things to do!

  1. Relaxxxxxxx

It shouldn’t shock you that this is first on our list. I mean! If you’re heading to work or you’re on your way home, one thing you can do is relax. Sit back, pick a comfortable angle, and just chill. Our air-conditioned buses would even add some pizzazz to your relaxation “cuz daz how star do”. Studies show that stress and fatigue can be effectively managed with relaxation. 

  1. Listen to music or a podcast

You could not only listen to podcasts about news, entertainment, technology, and business during your commute, but you could also keep up with the latest music. There is undoubtedly a podcast or song that suits your mood, as long as you’re not listening to Andrew Tate or Speed Darlington. 

  1. Movies

This one also ranks high in our absolute favourite things to do while on the bus. Catch up on movies on your preferred streaming platform. You most definitely won’t be able to finish it at a go, but start “fest ehn”. If you need recommendations, we’re here for you. 😉

  1. Read a book/ blogs 

You already know that we’d be leading with you jumping onto our blog page to read all of this juicy content—we are writing for you after all. Violence aside, another fun thing you can do on your commute is to hop on a blog or pick up a book (e-book or hard copy) and get lost in that world. A sharp recommendation would be anything by Nora Roberts, except you’re a hard guy.🙃

  1. Network

We cannot overemphasise this. If you’re a lot like Ire, making friends won’t be hard at all. If it is hard for you, one tip from us to you is to start with a “hello”. Networking with like-minded professionals aboard your shuttle is another way to enjoy your commute time. Who knows where this friendship will lead? 😉😉. Remember to tag us in your “friendship love story” o.

In conclusion, despite the wide range of transportation options, it is difficult to find companies that can offer you what we offer–seeing that we offer affordable, seamless, and stress-free home-to-work transport services. It’s definitely plenty!😎

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